The VanGessel Family

Monday, May 10, 2010

What We Have Been Up To

We took a little trip to Fred Howard Beach last weekend since we haven't been there in a while. The beach was wonderful, and the water was just cool enough for relief from the muggy heat we've been having. Here is our shell princess castle we made and soon destroyed.
look at my little babies, they are growing up so fast! It makes me happy to get pictures of them together, getting along, I hope these moments will last forever.

Grace and I decided to make some new flower clips for her hair, since she lost her favorite pink one. Her life is full of drama. We went to pick out a new pink flower and ended up getting one of each color, since princesses need every color. When I tried to take a picture of grace with the new clips, Elliott decided he NEEDED to be in the picture. So we gave him a flower, but then he insisted if one person was getting their picture taken, everyone needed to get their picture taken... including daddy... notice the shorts.
look how pretty they turned out! yay for cute hair flowers!

and just for the heck of it, here is my newest BIG project. This is one of our new rooms for the church nursery. We just got everything moved in, now it's time to decorate and design. It was such a quick move I didn't get to do the decorating and designing before everything was moved in. I really like this new room better than the last, and so far it's worked out great for kids church. Should be a fun project!

So that's the latest! more to come i'm sure!:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

fishing trip with cuke

I had to post some pictures of this, it's too cute. My middle little brother Luke took Grace fishing for the first time. All he could catch with her were these tiny little things, and Grace kept insisting that he catch something smaller. wait til you see the size of these things...


EWWW.... WORMS! (or snakes as she called them first) she did finally touch them... once.

she thinks she's big stuff... and is already asking to go again. PLEASE UNCLE CUKE

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sarah's wedding

okay I said I would post a blog about my cousin Sarah's wedding so here it is...grace is getting ready before the big event.... Sarah had all the girls lined up to get our hair done at aunt Linda and uncle Ron's house... her friend did a great job! Grace sat like a big girl reading her wedding hair style magazine to pick her is the bride.... hiding before the ceremony starts... good luck you know.:) and bill never saw her.after a beautiful ceremony... we all ran outside to, you know, throw rice for the love birds. get it sarah? (she just loves birds) ha ha... okay she might be deathly afraid, same thing. here is my little family hanging out waiting for the bride and groom. the kids always smile so nice.
and here we are me and my little man bustin a move on the dance floor. (notice everyone else is eating.) our timing is just never right.
and last but not least grace leading her first victim (great grandpa) to the middle of the dance floor. She danced with just about everyone, even stealing the groom for a round or two. and she stayed up waaayyy past her bedtime... she just didn't want the party to end. No one did, and so therefor the party will continue on in our hearts, until the next in the pavlansky/dobus line gets hitched. uh hem (LUKE) :) CONGRATULATIONS SARAH AND BILL! THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE A PART OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

p.s. i want to apologize for the unlined sentences above, my lack of computer skills has somehow managed to do that and not be able to fix it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

trip up north

a long post but i wanted to put pictures from our trip up to the great midwest on here. I'm missing a few big events, like my Cousins wedding, but i'll make that another post. We had an amazing trip. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to go up again sometime.

Friday, May 22, 2009

elliott's first word...

so of course he won't say it real loud when i video him, but he is saying doggie clear as day. YAY! my little baby's first word. i'm a proud mommy.

a message for grace's penpals

Hi friends! Thank you for the movie message! That was so neat to see everybody! I love getting your letters and being your pen pal! i hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cloudy in florida? no way

it's an absolutely cloudy, dreary day down here in Florida today. so all you midwestern hoosiers and buckeys go ahead enjoy the day, i'm not going to talk about how it's always sunny with a high of 80. okay okay it's been a high of like 89. but still it's been really nice, and we do get a breeze off the gulf. this week has been a rainy week though. and it's supposed to be a rainy rest of the week. so i shall blog to keep busy inside. (since i have NO projects or cleaning that i SHOULD be doing) isn't that the way it goes? blogging is way more fun than dishes or laundry or picking up toys (actually i really like to do laundry so let's scratch that one off) anyway... so i wanted to post of few pictures like this one above of mike and grace. I wanted to do a serious photo shoot, and no one wanted to cooperate. i thought this picture was a cute daddy daughter snapshot :) since this is what they are always doing.

awe... grace and elliott sitting together in a picture. how cute.... since it was the ONLY one i got. she has sort of gotten past the i don't want to sit by my goey brother stage, but now he has moved into the i don't want to sit by my girly sister stage. i promised a real men wear pink picture to chelsea so here it is, and he's holding a flower. granted he took it from grace about 5 seconds earlier just to bother her. brothers.
and this is mothers day. Elliott kept bringing me a rose, and then taking it back so he could give it to me again later. i guess he was trying to get the mileage out of that rose. thinking maybe mommy will think i got her a dozen.
here's grace, she such a big girl learning to count on her fingers. it's tough though. the finger part i mean. she can almost get to ten in order. it's just the 4, 5, 6 she forgets in the middle. we're working on it, 4, 5, 6, aren't that important anyway. notice the tongue sticking out. yeah... that's hereditary. i still get chapped lips when i'm working on something difficult. and last but not least... the photo below has to be one of the worst kids park playground toys i've ever seen.a purple scary sharp tooth dinosaur. yeah i called it sharptooth, for all you "land before time" fans out there. it could have been anything a horse, a kangaroo, but a scary dinosaur for little kids? someone needs to talk to the subcommittee of the parks and recreation department about this.:) okay the kids didn't really care. it was a fun ride. oh look at that... the sun is out. gotta go.